Successful digital communications cultivates relationships; it’s always all about people.

Good digital communications brings together websites, email newsletters, social media  and membership relationships to create experiences that are direct, engaging and compelling; experiences that make folks want to get involved. Making that work requires great stories, great design, great tools, and great processes.

You have the stories… we’ll work with you to cultivate the rest!

Translibrium offers holistic, customised solutions to progressive organisations by drawing from an exceptional suite of practical and conceptual tools in the area of Digital Communications Integration and Digital Engagement Strategy. Areas of expertise include: Content Management Systems (website design & development), Constituent Relations Management Systems (membership & database integration), Social Media (development, management & policy), Advocacy & Fundraising Campaigns, Organizational Development & Project Management, Transmedia Storytelling, and Change Strategy & Theory.

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Website Design & Development

The mothership of the engagement process, your website needs to represent who you are, where you are going, as well as having the functionality needed to enable visitors to engage intuitively with your educational, advocacy or fundraising objectives.  Simple and elegant visual design solutions with flair, intuitive ‘don’t make me think’ navigation, all run on robust and well supported software systems.

  • Content Management System (CMS) development
  • Website consultation, direction, implementation and management.
  • Custom website design specializing in Open Source E-Commerce solutions.
  • Branding
  • Domains & Servers

Membership, Advocacy & Fundraising

Successful engagement is about community building, and community building, forom the perspective of an organization, is about membership.

  • Campaign strategy and execution.
  • website, email & CRM integration
  • marketing & promotion


  • Constituent Relations Management Systems (CRM)
  • Online database development & integration (SalesForce, Salsa, Engaging Networks, CiviCRM).
  • Membership management

Organizational Development

CRMs & Engagement Culture
Successful digital engagement frequently entails the implementation of a Constituent Relations Management system (CRM): an online software system for managing member relations.  Migrating a membership database (or databases) to a CRM, while potentially very rewarding, can be challenging.  The successful integration of a CRM into a web and social media based engagement strategy can require a logistical paradigm shift affecting funding allocation and staff and management work flow. Simply stated, good digital communication requires long-term strategic planning within an organization.

Intranet Communications & Project Management Software
Multiple projects, multiple collaborators, multiple timelines pretty quickly leads to logistical headaches in scheduling and resource allocation.  Cloud-based intranet communication and planning technologies (Google Pro, Microsoft 365, BaseCamp, TeamGantt, et al) can really help.

Social Media

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) literacy, development, marketing & management
  • Social Media Policy
  • Digital Audits

    A quick, general assessment of how your org is faring in the digital world.
    What capacity level are you at, what can you improve in, and what is the highest achievable goal for you to aim for.

    This is a very useful way to gain a practical insight into where you’re at, and what reasonable goals are.

    Training & Coaching

    As the old saying goes, give an org a WordPress post and you feed their followers for a week, teach an org to create a WordPress post, and you feed their followers with as much content as the org can produce.

    Digital literacy is really one of the benchmarks of a successful Digital Communications org.  It can also save any org the cost of hiring a “techie” over and over to get a regular task done.

    Digital literacy is also about understanding the broad perspective about what membership engagement and engagement strategy is all about.  This enables orgs to plan well, make good decisions and maximize the benefits of hiring a professional in light of financial constraints.