Digital Communications – ‘the cloud’, websites, social media, e-mailing platforms, online data, CMS and CRMs  – have become, in a very short period of time, the lead medium for any org to succeed in their overall communications and branding strategy. Furthermore, Digital Communications are constantly evolving very rapidly and its effects are proving to be significantly disruptive. Emergent Techno-Social platforms are revolutionizing business and organizational models and Digital Communications teams have to be responsive, agile, and innovative. This need for constant migration and responsive agility can prove very challenging. Digital innovations create pressures on traditional organisational structures and roles, and navigating their disruptions, ideally by maximizing their benefits, can require global strategic shifts.

With almost twenty years in the field of Digital Communications, Translibrium’s special insight into change dynamics can prove invaluable in navigating these types of challenges.


“It’s all about perspective…. You are living your life moving along , locked in some kind of pattern or maybe your old pattern just crashed and burned and you don’t know what to do next….hey it happens….
what Nik does is provide fresh perspective ….he listens he asks questions and helps you get to the root of the issue in a way that does not feel invasive yet is insightful…
He’s not telling you what’s up, he’s gently prodding you to figure it out for yourself. That’s what great teachers/coaches do – they facilitate they do not instruct….

Nik is smart, intellectually curious, has cross disciplinary awareness and perhaps most important of all he’s got a big heart…..
Meshes well his big brain …

Feeling stuck?

Call Nik”

– Francis D. SInger-Songwriter, Nashville

“Nik’s coaching is very eye-opening. He’s very skilled at collaborating with people in a way that’s constructive, respectful, and Illuminating. So many of us coast through life, often forgetting to address aspects of our personal lives that have importance far beyond the credit we offer them. Nik is very good at helping you find out what personal issues are holding you back, while gently helping and encouraging you to find your way. If you’re one of those people who feels they’re not getting the most out of life, wants to change, and doesn’t know how, I can’t recommend Nik’s coaching enough.”

– Peter D. Environmental Activist, Toronto

A little more about Nik

I’m a veteran digital communications professional. I ran my own business for more than a decade and spent another decade as the Digital Communications director of two fast-paced not-for-profit orgs. I am facinated by change processes, and work as a organizational change consultant focusing on technology and on the cultivation and application of curiosity to ‘wicked problems’. My Professional Coaching training is from the Adler Institute in Toronto, and I have certificates in Change Agency and Organizational Transformation.