Change, Technology & Culture

Change, Technology & Culture

Technology is so ubiquitous as a driver of change in work culture that we virtually associate ‘innovation’ with ‘technology’.  But what is technology?  What is the question that it is answering?  And, once we have decided on a technological solution to a problem, why is the implementation of that solution sometimes so disruptive?

This workshop will explore these questions. It will introduce what technology is, what change is, what culture is, and discuss the tensions that can occur when you put the three together.  We’ll go on to demonstrate how technological innovation can be woven into the culture of an organisation through ‘change agency’. Finally, participants will consolidate their learning by navigating a pathway through their own future change & technology challenges.

This half day workshop is run through Capillary Consulting with my colleague Richard Batchelor.
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Curiosity Recon: Approaching Wicked Problems

Curiosity Recon:
Approaching Wicked Problems


In an era of constant disruption and high speed change curiosity is rapidly becoming an aptitude that you can’t survive without. The Harvard Business Review, Brene Brown, and many others have been trumpeting the benefits of curiosity as a requirement for C-Suite professionals to navigate future trends and lead change.  However, there is little, if any, discussion on what exactly curiosity is, or, more importantly, how it might be cultivated.

The Curiosity Recon is a one hour intro to curiosity challenging participants to apply ‘curiosity seeds’ – deceptively simple aphorisms – to a ‘wicked problem’.  The ‘seeds’ provoke participants’ creative imagination eliciting novel approaches and open-minded questions towards their ‘wicked problem’. This is how curiosity works: asking and following the right questions is more important than finding the right answers. The most important characteristic and aptitude for leaders and teams to cultivate will be curiosity.

This workshop is collaboratively run through Curiosity Culture which develops curriculum to cultivate competency in curiosity.

Curiosity & Disruptive Change

Curiosity & Disruptive Change

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.”  So opens an article by Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The flood of significant technological breakthroughs include artificial intelligence and robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain encryption & currency, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, energy storage, and quantum computing. Every one of these innovations will have enormous social implications, and will result in great disruption in many many fields of endeavour.

‘Curiosity & Disruptive Change’ focuses on curiosity as the strongest motivation and most useful aptitude for navigating and instigating disruptive change.  The kind of change we will all be experiencing, continuously, in the coming decades.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with Capillary Consulting.
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Percussion & Disruption

Percussion & Disruption

Course length – 2 hrs

In the course of this workshop participants learn how to play three rhythmic patterns used in Afro-Cuban music. Afro-Cuban percussion is a rich and complex tradition which is played both in 4/4 time (typical of almost all western music) and in 12/8 time.  Participants experience how disruptive bringing rhythmic patterns in different time signatures together is.  They then learn and experience how the third very simple rhythmic pattern, called the ‘clave’, is designed to be played in both time signatures and hence serve as a ‘hinge’ or ‘bridge’ across the disruptive forces.

Throughout all points in the workshop the real challenges of learning the parts, and the discomfort and effort of trying to navigate rhythmic disruption, are reflected on in terms of organizational disruption. Participants examine and analyze the range of responses to see the complexity of real reactions to disruption, and through reflecting on the role of the clave participants can apply new insight to navigating disruptive change.


disruption - percussion

Rich, Nik & participants at Berlin Change Days navigating disruption in percussion.

Participants engage in and viscerally feel,  in real-time, the actual experience of disruption.

  • Participants acquire and/or improve their capacity to perceive and analyse disruption in their own experience.
  • Participants engage their capacity to learn by journeying through a challenging (but fun) exercise requiring considerable focus.
  • Participants activate and cultivate their aptitude for curiosity by committing to learn in an unusual situation.
  • Increase team cohesion through participation in unusual, challenging and fun exercises requiring shared timing and ensemble learning.

‘Disruption & Percussion’ is a fully integrated hands-on workshop.  Participants learn rhythmic structures by actually clapping them out, and are carried through a journey in which they viscerally experience rhythmic disruption and work to resolve it by learning new skills.  The fundamental theme of disruption, and how it relates to organizational strategy and culture, are consistently returned to through ongoing conversation, questioning, reflection and analysis.


Some spaces at a special rate are set aside for students, underemployed individuals and not for profits.

Delivery in person but we also offer this course as an option to bring into organizations and work with a group of individuals in house.  Just email and we can set up a time to discuss this option.

'Rhythm necklaces' depicting percussion patterns learned in the workshop.

‘Rhythm Necklaces’ of the rhythm patterns learned in the workshop.